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1600j – trust a soul (freestyle) lyrics


he gon need a blessing if i do him wit that weapon
[?] 2 op in the cut wop boys in my section
up wit yo thot, getting brain like a professor
think ima rabbit wit these karats on my necklace
n-ggas doin dirt so i keep a smith & wesson
opps steady dissin they be looking for clout
only one night and i kick her -ss out
looking for the opps, no they stay in the house
i ain’t want no p-ssy, tell that b-tch give me throat
n-ggas talking money but they really be broke
they claiming to be gang but be snitching on the low
thats why i lay back which i kick wit yo hoe
if you gotta problem, pull up to my show
40 on me just know im gon blow
[?] i can’t trust a soul (nah i can’t trust a soul)
f-cking yo b-tch yea she give me good throat
f-cking that b-tch yea she give me good throat