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16ix – ex lyrics


i knew my love was very dead from the f-cking start
didn’t see it coming how it ripped me up apart
remember times where i was called her sweetheart
cannot continue on my life with a broken heart
and i’ve been down with the bad, cannot keep living this
feel like i’m in a nightmare how i’m living it
i gotta keep my head up, cause i’m resilient
mama always told me that i will ascend to brilliance

we had a plan, we had a blueprint
our love carved a path, so we had to choose it
but she stabbed me in the back, future went to ruins
i pray to god he’ll give me resolutions

kick her out of my head
i’m heartbroken, now that b-tch is good as dead
realizing what is said is done, and what is done is said
the only i care about in this world is getting head

she found someone else now i’m on my own
path, and i’m scared to go alone
but how could i be scared if i know i’ll be alone?
i knew this day would come, man i should’ve known

now i’m wanting s-x, wanting to bone
bold visions in my head, myself on the throne
faded, completely erased
if you f-ck with me, i’ll have your being erased
i’m about to rampage, got the 3 to your face
and if you ever talk sh-t, you’ll have me at your place
invisible, i feel like john cena today
see me speeding away, ’cause i’m beating the case

cute white girl and a face with braces
now i’m filled with hatred
and i embrace it
if i ever see her, heaven’s got a new angel
every time i think of her now i’m feeling shameful
’cause she wasn’t a stranger, now it’s rage exchanged of

a broken heart and ruined future
i’m done hiding it, mask off, no future
a thought by her is dead weight, a tumor
my brain should’ve removed her sooner
rumor has it, i’m a soft n-gga that blasts quick
the only escape is the trip with acid
i feel fantastic, now you can consider me elastic
i smoke weed to escape the past that’s tragic
and it’s so drastic like a fully automatic
very rapid, they take me for granted
you want a death wish, like shenron
little b-tch, i will grant it