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16raheem – egos lyrics


[verse 1]

what the f+ck is caution, often
pushing so deep look like mosh pits
2 whips and gauges
oops i mean gauges
face it
stay away cause rays will play the games in your faces
got gas like toxic
we play offense, and defense can’t get waterlogged
the whip be the lochness, monster
i’m in my element, air bender
fender, bender
who is better sent to sender
branch to branch like panda panda
designer only, fried like chicken tenders
number one contender always got the rock like i’m in the ender intro enter

[verse 2]

i don’t trust anybody at all
when i was down and out it felt like i had no d+mn body to call
i remember what they told me just don’t talk about your feelings
they just take you to advantage they be telling everybody
your most personal business cause they can’t hold a conversation
we don’t f+ck with hollywood k!lled too many legends
watch that mane go arizona like a bev
it been hard nowadays hanging only by a thread
they don’t write how i do it’s blood inside my lead
and sweat and tears earned respect from all my peers
they say we mumble rap i say we go with flow
i slur my words
they move along the beat just like a tumbleweed
i get my money in my silence call that humble greed
i’m from the same city as the humble beast herbo g
i’m on that type of time that swervo be
i’m outta there like wheezy run it back just like how turbo be
i’m inside your ears just like the turtle beach
f+ck the world
bullsh+t targets
bullseye mark it
i’m from the chi
pull up with tints in the back
park it, roll up, spark it
the night is still young when the clock hit 9
check into the studio write verses then i clock at 9
to make a classic don’t take a lotta time
most of y’all leeches slacking off hoping one day to
get your spot from mine
you line up like a free throw on the dotted line
i’m smooth like cotton more on when it’s oxy time
smooth criminal but the murder was not the crime
the money sweet like a chocolate dime
let’s get it

[verse 3]

stunt bars they can’t double my stunna shine
stick lines together like shirts to your backs in the summertime
get to the point like an underline
i keep one by the stomach like b+tterflies
your raps weak get mummified
they said nothing rhymes with orange so i
came with the clementine
behind iron like todd gurley
i come with the top wording
and leave with the rod burning
i sell tix no ky irving walker in with the hot stepper
number 8 thats the new jersey
but that’s the old nets, heat check
swing sets like an undecided gang member
did you peep yet?
i’m strapped, my arms stuffed
called me marshawn lynch
walked in with some vans, i’m jumping out of the gym
i gave out as many bricks as jj red+ck
the way i k!ll they say an ak fetish
they say they love the flow predictable
now they just ready for what comes with the syllables
i think you should call god, ask ab
i give a small nod to everybody paying me
2 cents for listening to my 2 cents
know that streaming check weak but we still gonna eat
forest park to oak we just switching the trees
they say 16, why you gotta be so lyrical?
when you confident they just say you egotistical