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16raheem – no hooks lyrics


[verse 1: 16raheem]

this the sh+t i write so i can show em when they asking spit a
16 boy i know that you be rapping really
i be chilling in my denim gimme nomination
best from the denomination, top to bottom
like denominator
welcome to the conversation
wait for graduation, autonomous moving always
you in my section expecting you keeping namaste
spit the same type of verses that move the congregation
the back doors got tints think i’m up to something different
man i be so hype that i’m interrupting
that’s outta pocket like deshaun watson
cool, calm, collected with my vices like i’m don johnson
my head locked on the game in a full nelson
i brought it back like i’m pulling punches
the can of worms cracked now you opening the lid
it’s all backwoods and frontos you smoking mid
frequently freaking out so they can check my frequencies
supporting ain’t a thing it’s free, you can see
i’m estimating i’m doing numbers no mesmerization
i’m the artist and the manager so i get the extra payments
yall ain’t productive, y’all don’t want it for real
i’m from a mindset you really work as hard as you feel, about it
my brain writes and my heart can make the jurisdiction
if my brothers down bad you know i’m hurting with em

[verse 2: lil coast]

i call it trip hop
feel the water in between your flip flops
reminisce about the past
recess, hopscotch, beach chairs, no cares
no worries, blank stares, underway fairs
watching clouds parting everywhere
i’m just a kid trying to separate his visions
i’m thinking bout the past, the future, with some present
even though i’m hesitant to show emotion
i will focus on a positive your modest and subliminal implosion
when i blow up you will wanna be me
put me in a box like a genie never see me (uh oh)
trying to stay alive like a bg on a arvy
or maybe say sorry like jb at a party, please
it won’t even matter if people listen
shooting for the stars but you know i keep missing
past the moon, past the planets, venus, mercury, and saturn
i know when my body starts my lyrics traveling i
yeah, uh so it seems
aiming for the stars as a kid i had dreams
the good the right the wrong
we had to wait on
we always have to get up right after we fall
it’s a tuff world so don’t do it on your own
let others help you out until your full grown
patients is a virtue but trust is belief
and when you are fine it will bring you relief like

[verse 3: 16raheem]

f+ck 12
the clock skip it like the time zone switching
i tried rapping all my problems but the mic won’t listen
only writing on some paper when my iphone missing
i was born in 02 my third eye still twitching
i put my whole vision inside a nitro piston
i’m sick, i took some ginger ale and nyquil with it
your chances of outdoing me are slight bro listen
it’s like the bird box river when your blindfold ripping
when you not hype in my presence
it’s like trying to go to skyzone chillin
what am i doing with this ice no telling
maybe i might go melt it and get a nice lil million
he’s flaming, somebody tell the chef that the spice won’t get him
im the, type go get it, i ride no ceiling
above my head, so much light that i might won’t fit in
i’m tryna reverse my pockets get a lipo fill in
they look at me like a giant when the light post hitting
my sh+t insured to go commercial like the geico lizard
i let the females chase me i don’t fight fo feelings
fee fi fo, skunk from california we might go
rap like a psycho, with a knife, no healing
these rappers wearing tight clothes, i’m on a tightrope kneeling