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16volt – become your none lyrics


i’m picking it apart while the pieces are left
as i disintegrate into my own bereft
sifting through the fragments cause there’s oceans of loss
sorting through the ashes and the particles lost
micro termination is all i have here
gripping to illusions all rooted in fear
rotten overlays masking up all the proof
as i lay in my grid and uncover the truth

just finish it off

there’s a place where you get where you’ve had just enough
and there’s a point where you take more than you ever should of
and there’s a day where you come to the face of the end
where realize you should have never began
there’s a place in your head where the people are dust
and the beauty of life is you have none to trust
you’ve exceeded the verge of the limits you’re in
so the question becomes not if but when

finish it off

become your none