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17 stitches – same ol’ sheit lyrics


yeah you know we smoke the chibba
all we know is reefer reefer
peep the sneakers check the beeper
and your mama’s on my line
this sh-t happen all the time
she like caller number nine
i dont want to make her mine even though her bottoms fine
yung sherm steppin
you know what im reppin
give em seventeen st-tches i dont need a weapon
why you gotta go to school when i’ll teach you the lessons
big sherm the g.o.a.t. boy i ain’t even messin
im the greatest im the best
underrated and im blessed
when you hear me on your playlist all the haters is a mess
im just faded gettin checks
im just faded gettin checks
young sherm top five i can say it with my chest and to say you made the cut boy that sh-t is a stretch
coming at my head whenever i use the pencil
you dont want to get hit it could be detremintal
i mean lapiz
because im spanish i like mamis
f-cking b-tches is my hobby
and your girl is in my lobby
i f-ck b-tches do you copy?
and the head is always sloppy
you can bet they call me papi
just like you it isnt shocking
and theres poo up in your stocking and theres
screws up in your noggin sherm

okay so i guess im going next
johnny dollas boy you better say that sh-t with some respect
tryna flex b?
you can’t even test me
imma cop the half so i gotta hit up espy
got pigs
tryna chase me when im racing in my ten speed
one sl!ck move and ill erase them like im baby
im never slowing down i got the juice i always call it
two things that are always fat my b-tches and my wallet
you can find me posted chillin in my 89 camry
with a bad b-tch in the front giving me a handy
and when im done with her imma f-ck her whole family
im savage like im randy
do you understand me?
and even if shes bleeding ill still hit it like dracula
but if she ain’t bout it bout it ill just hit the back of her
17 st-tches all these other rappers wack to use
top of the mountain but we really only half way up