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171 reezy – potentially lyrics


you got potential
oh baby, i wanna’ be
wherever you wanna’ be
as long as you can see
you and me

always together we can fly out the country
just take a seat
and enjoy this ride
be gone for a couple weeks

maybe three
as long as you like
as long as you at peace
them rosy cheeks
i love ya pretty smile
like diamonds on ya t++th

and ya physique
looking sum’ like a goddess at her peak
won’t miss a beat
can’t let it go to waste the love will never leak

[verse 1]
said you never got this type of love before
i ain’t no different baby girl it’s just that i adore you
just that i adore you {ha}

baby girl you slay
in each and every way
every single day
that’s why you bae
cause your presence seem to brighten up my day
what can i say
fell for your pretty smile
and ya pretty face
can’t be replaced
girl you just my type
i got perfect taste


[verse 2]
to say that you my girl i already know it’s a privilege
unique in your own ways baby i know that you different
and your all i really need in this life full of sinning
getting it, out the mud the only way that i’m winning

but you say it’s cool
know that i can lose
do what i gotta do
that’s why you my boo
get you that new bag, get you them new shoes
count up the blues
my one and only i won’t never pick and choose
ya ex a fool, he didn’t know the type of woman you’ll grow into


[verse 3]
they don’t understand what we went through
they don’t understand your potential
they don’t understand your credentials
they don’t understand god sent you

to my side, your my ride or die
like bonnie & clyde
don’t look surprised
this was meant to be true love could never lie
you’re on my mind, 24/7 i will give you all my time x2