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17azael – healthy lyrics


pitch black outside, rollin’ out north side
smokin’ on real loud, n-ggas think its real loud
runtz in your blunt but its smellin’ like mids
been had top shelf, good for my health
lil -ss dudes got ugly -ss kids
since a n-gga still growing might as well have a fit
plug came in, we smokin’ some good
white -ss kids wondering if they hood (x2)
pitch black outside, rollin’ out north side
plug got a glock so i came with a 45
n-ggas on the roof tryna see how im gon’ die
off white shoes when i die i’ll look fly
momma stay askin’ how the money came in
don’t worry bout that ima pay this rent
don’t matter what i do, no trace, no clue
don’t gang, no man, no red no blues
but my n-ggas still banging
go to the spot where my n-ggas stay hanging
tell em whats brackin’, my n-gga whats crackin’
smokin’ on good tryna make sh-t happen
daddy went to jail so we back to slangin’
brother got shot so we back to ganging
suwoop, for the n-ggas still banging
two flags on my neck still hanging
all this violence gon end up changing
still in the hood till i’m dead or famous