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17psyche – my fingernails have stopped growing lyrics


my fingernails have stopped growing (growing)

growing (x3)
i never had that sh+t, never had the talk
i’m flyer than a hawk, cause i never walk
i’m playing as an orc, yeah i’m a dork
sitting on a stalk with my pitchfork

[verse 1]
common sense isn’t very common
rip kate, you’re not forgotten
look up at the sky, black and white, like begotten
i came up from the dirt and the earth, where it’s rotten
sitting outside
see my third eye
watch it turn into my guide
ghosts by my side
waiting for me to confide
in in my right mind
if i leave early
at least i know that i tried
i put the past and the future together
transfer our souls so it lives forever
we are the sky, the ground and weather
they’ll separate us, not today, not never

i think i’m sick (x6)
this is it

my fingernails have stopped growing (growing)