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17squared – the way things are lyrics


[verse 1 – fattay]
lemme tell you about me, everything ya wanna know
i get cash, i got dough, they call me pillsbury dough
whattup doe, whattup yo, i could buy your -ss ho
call me period cause 7 days a month my cash flow

oh that’s nasty, blast me, 3 credit cards, ashley (banks)
smookin hookah on the daily, weed when she ask me
kobe minus jordan you got fattay, number one
i ain’t do this sh-t for you, i just do this sh-t for fun

running cirlces around you, you should look up to the top
there is fattay’s solo album, in that number 1 spot
so just listen when i speak, do not speak when i listen
it’s a long way down from the place that i am sittin

so these b-tches chosen me, i call that sh-t democracy
when her time is up, i admit i feel awfully (yeah)
some may snort cane, and others smoke yay
but when you on top, you “high” all day, it’s fattay

[verse 2 – leigh solemn]
let me introduce myself they call me leigh solemn
hatas stand like obstacles but just go around them
goin against these b-tches who think they pop stars
put my d-ck in you’re mouth if you think you talk hard

i’m on top of the this sh-t, i’m on the roof standin
i’m like mariah and nick b-tch, i’mma loose cannon
see me with guitars rapper slash rockstar
think i’mma palestinian boy the way i rock hard (yusef)

i’mma d-ck i c-ck it now, in my way i drop them down
goin up up like a rocket now, ain’t now way you can stop me clowns
i get mo hoes, you the opposite h0m-
you catchin up on that matrix sh-t, yeah slow mo

few people right beside me and n0body wanna fight me
an -ssh0l- like elton john, up in your face just like o’rielly
you gotta problem with me, and wanna talk trash
then we can do it like your girl and take this out back