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18+ – down lyrics


[verse 1: samia] x2
i was on my toes again
you said you saw me there while i danced on your counter
did -ssume
making all my own moves for you
cuz i get down for you
and i grew up for you

[verse 2: justin]
water birth in a motherf-cking pool
prolly oughta find another island
cuz they chasing you
nevermind your brother, mother, father, or your cousin, too
silent is the product
follow only if you can recoup
then we might invest in you
seem they think you special too
we could help to stir that stew
hit you with that better spoon
click you with a better view
honest, i’m a liar too
prolly gonn’ get sick of you
here you go, man
take like two

[verse 3: justin]
i get down, i get down
i get down for your cause like yeah, yeah
pause for applause, sh-t could change, yeah
and we might eat it all if it’s sweet, yeah
out here pitching harder than your feelings
we never wait, we levitate
barely awake, c-cky, okay
leave me today, hey
pressure building, i’mma have to show her something
out here thinking i might have to go for nothing
i get down, i get down