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18 over par – no one can see your face lyrics


how does it feel?
to know that you won today.
i wouldn’t know,
i haven’t played your head games.
the time has come,
to quit being someone else.
and open your eyes,
to see you can be yourself.

i don’t ask much
all i want is a little respect
from you
but you can’t see
where i’m comin from here
i don’t expect you to
but all i need,
is a little attention to
get out of here


you don’t know what it’s like to be,
in my place,
i wanna get out of here,
but your in my way
now you know what it’s like to be,
in last place
you want to stay inside,
so no one can see your face.

another day gone,
i have to see you again today at school,
but that’s okay,
cause i know your too cool,
to talk to me,
i think i’ll just stay away.
before you tell me to,
get out of here