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18 plus – descent lyrics


[intro: operator]
you have a collect call from…

[verse 1: justin]
sister, please
i swing from your trees like everyday
could i least get a piece and a place to pray?
you a beast off a leash, yes
some would say you look good today

birthday, birthday
birthday, birthday
birthday, birthday

[hook 1: samia and (justin)]
i don’t wanna look sad
i don’t wanna be upset
i don’t wanna be wrong
on your birthday, and my birthday
(a vision so frigid, fake, optimistic)
(i know you’re with it, and gifted)
(but thirsty, on my birthday)
(on my birthday, on my birthday)

[verse 2: samia]
saying prayers about, hmm
lotta things you got on your wish list
saying prayers about
dear honey, can you buy me this?

[hook 2: samia and (justin)]
i don’t wanna say aloud
i don’t wanna scream now
i could be the one to blow up (birthday)
from your sh-t talk
(i don’t wanna reset)
(i don’t wanna placement)
(i could be the one to, to hold you)
(from the dogs you)

[verse 3: justin]
taste on my whip
waist on my lips
honey you’re sick, but thirsty
it’s your day on my birthday
best check your tone, gonna leave you alone
let flesh touch the chrome
then i give you my bones
it’s her day, on my birthday

[verse 4: samia]
bury my head in the sand and you ascend much higher
all of your deception while you roast life on the fire
descending moon, i knew you were there watching me closely
how to be forward when our eyes are locked on the tv?

[hook 3: samia]
i would rather be dead
i would rather see you alone
than to watch you sleeping
i would rather fight for
everything i needed to be
than fall down as you’re sleeping

[outro: justin]
but you’re thirsty
on my birthday
but you’re thirsty
on my birthday
but you’re thirsty
on my birthday