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18 plus – piano in the snow lyrics


who’s that looking in the corner
and who’s that hiding in the ground


ooh early in the morning you were singing my tune
i was living it up with your big balloon
how many times did i close my eyes
just to see you right there napping at my side

i will
i love you will
my love i will k!ll
your heart
la la la
ooh ooh
ah-la la la
ooh ooh
i’ll k!ll your heart
your heart
your heart

lover teenager floating on his back
when he tries to track
every girl he kissed
again and again
you call him your friend
when you like it
more than

i will k!ll
i will k!ll your heart
la da da di-dam di-dam
da da da da da da
la da da di-dam da-dam
la da-dam da-dam
i will k!ll
k!ll your heart
k!ll your heart

playing with the band on the side
you could sing a lot of reasons to tell lot of lies
you could tell me no tell me yes
say you going a bitter quicker than my partner was
but i will k!ll
with will