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1805 – let it go lyrics


(the plan was never to make myself seem okay. it was just to let myself know to take it one step at a time)

when the ego starts to become more than a little distraction i take one look at myself and i make a plan of action. will it be option a: to go down in flames today or b: pick up the pen and write like my life depends on it

kind words left unspoken like they never even mattered. but sometimes hearing simple things can change the course of patterns. i’m mad and feeling a little bit more than discouraged, my only regret in life is never even living it to the fullest

let it go

it’s just i thought i knew myself a little bit better than that. i gotta whole lot on my plate and so much to get off my chest. waking up from a nightmare dripping in this cold sweat wondering “how did it come to this?” i sat up and wept

this one’s for all my people who think that life is worthless, just trust me when i say some days i let the nerves win. but when the race is near an end and the finish line is in sight, take a deep breath and focus, just continue to fight that fight