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1833 ad – who will kill the emperor lyrics


the soldier, the jester, the monk or the prince
minister, the preacher, whoever would think
the daughter the heiress, to the dark throne
in darkness we wait, for him to be slain
you praise the fool who falls down to false pride
burn in h-ll together when you die
deep in the forest they plan for the kill
birds dripped in poison are all they can give
he is the emperor, the one whom they fear
to dine on his ashes, sacrifice him to me
deep red are his eyes, spits blood when he speaks
conquer the land and win over the souls
blinding the rank of the n-bles and folk
the god of war is the last hope of all
who have come to the shelter of the bones
building an army of the dead
hail to thee oh emperor
we are nothing but parasites
which cling to the hand that feeds
having to last more than rebirth
we hate to admit our remorse
building an army of the dead
hail to thee oh emperor
all of manhood, both evil and sly
but emperor, why the f-ck wont you die
why wont you die