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18illest – broken bridges lyrics


it’s crazy how people you prioritise
do be treating you anyhow
always telling f-cking lies
always tryna change a style
love can never be real if it ain’t real enough to make you smile
loyalty, even if you given the guilt free p-ss to walk the naked mile
loving you was worth the while the s-x took me to paradise
why would anybody wanna jeopardise that with telling lies –
but now it’s got to really stop
cus i can’t keep on living a lie

i love you i love you i love your dance
i love the way that you moving your hands
i love the way that you look in my eyes and
you tell me you love me and it’s all f-cking lies
i am just human i’m wishing you well but
karma ain’t really the wish you well type
you was the love of my life. you was the reason i kept on my grind.
you was the reason i put all these b-tches
that be sending pictures for attention aside
you was my was…
you was my f-cking everything man… you my everything!