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18letters – open letter freestyle lyrics


y’all gon learn today
is 18letters the name flip god cause i name flip hard
teamarmy y’all know the of my team

ah.. i wanna be like mike where my magic sneakers/nice with the pen insane with the frees/ make your brain freeze/when i spit my rhymes/drop my lines/body after body i’ll body everybody/y’all gon learn today that 18 don’t play/i pray everyday/lord made a way/struggles and pains i have been through them all/now i make business calls/spite money with my brother since we both gut each other/nah i don’t rap like that/am a beast i bet/yeah yeah yeah/stick to the steel magneto/is me bro/on my chill flow/go/a general mysonne/go/legand in the ring tyson/go/street fighter dude bison/go go go n-gga /moonwalk through the beat jackson/go go /woo/go go/sgandi got my back middletown on my forehead/they told me go get bread/rest in peace prokid/salute till the death of me/army gut the recipe/k!lling every enemy/putting in that energy/insanity/i’m kennedy yeah i’m kennedy n-gga/that’s no ending me/no no no n-gga/eh that’s no ending me/no no no n-gga/eh that’s no ending me/no no no n-gga/eh y’all gon learn today

stu i think we got one right here my n-gga