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18xanns – rambo lyrics


im like biggie wit da flow something everbody know reppin for the 4 i ain’t talkin bombs but you know imma blow when i found out yo girl was a hoe i was like bro oh -no ion like dat she better move back this wat got my heart racing
look wat im facing money in my pocket thats wat im cravin this is rell free my bro outta jail yeah he trapped in dat cell when i get the money imma post bail

money in pocket call me davy crockett flying through sp-ce like im a rocket imma fix da car all i need is 15 sockets

got the power like im goku i ain’t beyonce but i got the vocals pull up get hit if i dont know you be aware cuz i just told you

pull out the choppa make you scramble flexin wit my gucci sandals imma type of person that you can’t handle big bands call me rambo