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191281271201238123 – reborn lyrics



ugh, when i flat line
when i flat line
marked on the bed
what the f-ck is on my mind
i don’t feel fine
my eyes roll back
and it’s black as f-ck
this demon’s f-cking me up
the devil’s backing me up
and i don’t like that
gotta get back when i bite back
a-t-tack better hit deck
then i’m gone

you never see me coming and you never see me leave
these locals think i’m joking until i hit them in their knees
you thought that the devil was hard but i k!lled him
yeah, what a façade, it’s not real
but metaphorically i took out the authority and the majority of evil people came to my knees and bowed down
i am crowned now, in my hometown, i am renown
the distinction of eminence is here now

what you think i’m rapping for?
they call me mr. benevolence
relevance and all of my excellence get rid of your arrogance
i don’t need that
when i’m in the light
i can feel that
i’m entering a new light, a new height and take flight
i’m reaching to the realms up dreams
and getting rid of evil and what it brings
i’m no longer a lone wolf, i’m bringing my team
f-ck you and your childish schemes

i am reborn
nothing is the same
i am transformed into something
you can’t tame


ugh, code blue
now i’m coming back and it’s all brand new
coming with a team that is all my crew
i was born in the sky, cause i god d-mn flew
i call that upper genesis because of my breakthrough
i can see clearly
i am no longer in a skew
do you know what i’ve been through?
do you know what i’m into?

do you know that i am mentally going to single handedly take over the facility and n-body is ever gonna it get outta me
the f-ckers wanna battle me but never gonna get up out of thee

(deston anderson) no man, they don’t want it

the focus is the same
but i changed in the brain
i’m coming for the game
this is something i’ve obtained
it’s gonna take my peers
but i will hold it down for years
focus on my flows
gotta hear myself clear

i’m a clean cut dude in a p-ssed off mood
i don’t need you to be crude, this is just something that i do

i hope that you care
and you prepare
for this beware
never gonna get me out of warfare

i’m a reclaimed monster
straight from the heart of a soldier
i k!ll rappers
rap poacher
i’ll hold this on my shoulder

feed me ambrosia

i’m a deity