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1973 – simple song (for a complicated girl) lyrics


i won’t get you out of my mind
way to go, it’s the right time
let us jump out of the lines
say girl,
you gotta give us roses and smiles,
fireworks in our hearts now
let’s take a leap in the dark
don’t tell me you gotta be at home by nine,
don’t tell me you need time to make up your mind
no point to be slow
we don’t need to know
you’re not gonna take a loss on this one, no
just let the feelings flow
hey girl,
how about this walk on the beach?
let us play hide and seek
and i will find you with me
hey babe,
how about we make today
our private valentine’s day?
may thirty-third, it’s a date!
nicolas frank: lead vocals, backup vocals. thibaut barbillon: banjo, acoustic guitar, b-ss