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1982 – life is what you make it lyrics


wake wake wake up babe

[verse one] [saigon]:
life is only what you make it
you can take it and waste it
or take reality and face it
your words shall always remain sacred
snake sh-t will get your face hit
harder than statik makes the base get
they spit of basic necessities and accessories
my destiny is taking complexity to the next degree
insurrector, that’s the world i am
methodical master plan never heard by man
i’m immaculate
i’ll be a spectacular copper k!ller
‘cause i can peel a cap quick and accurate
from under my mom’s skit to the dirt
i’ll put in that hard work
have you ever seen my concert jerk?
your life a game
you’ll k!ll yourself in the replay
my terminology is long as philadelphia’s freeway
who him? he’s g-y
he should direct traffic
f-ck that dj
i’mma select statik

life is what you make it up
put the razor to the plate
and chop the cocaine into little pieces
i’m bag on ace cause it help unleashing the pain
that we faced with so i’mma make ’em extra rocky beige brolic
fish scale, i got it
in love with narcotics
you might as well give me your wallet
i got the product that turn a nun into a raging alcoholic
slash fiend, caffeine, morphine, codeine
excedrin all in the dreams
neighborhood pharmacy
no prescription need it
for pitchin’ to anybody with digits
cause life is how we live it
so who am i to say you can be getting high today?
it’s a friday, you know a hood holiday
no ice cube
henny, no ice cubes
and yes i like food
so i’m sell white too
philly freezer and sai-gitty
understand the strideets, said they’d go ride with me
statik spark the lah with me

[verse three] [freeway]:
statik spark it i get it choppin’, i’m david crockett
make the profits, stim pack package and corner the market
hit the target and dismiss all this nonsense and chaos
we can’t delay y’all i gotta live you with something to rock with
flow awkward
there is no countin’
haters no like so they pray he no drop it
n-gga sneak diss and no comment
when i see you there is no holds barred no conscious
backpackers like him cause they say he rhyme conscious
sickness him with the flow no nonsense
sickness with the doe no sponsors
and he’s handsome like his fore fathers
stroke and leave your hoe unconscious
this is my own, there can be only one don here
rosh clot you’ll get left behind here
shots fly
blast lay you on your backside tough guy
just for gettin’ outta line here
yeah, it’s free, statik selek, term and saigon
b-tches use my pictures for they icon
and they wish they could be my p-ssenger
just came back from africa
the motherland where all the fans look like akon
and they wanted me to stay long
they was screamin’ “k-mbay yay! freeway spit napalm”
and he representin’ all day long
i’ll do it for the hood
the music too good for y’all to hate on

wake up baby
the sun is in our face