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1982 – you know what time it is lyrics


what time is it? (statik selektah)
yeah, the quarantine, uh

i write verses and drop the album the same day
pretty safe to say we ain’t movin’ the same way
i’m innovative, incredible, incomparable
instrumental, influential, to name a few
my favorite rapper is hov ’cause he be sayin’ jewels
your favorite rapper’s a ho, he never say the truth
couple hammers in the cut and they all clean
leather seats, pig skin like we spalding
so check this, now i’m ready to get rich
flippin’ houses like [?] right after i do my breakfast
my checklist, it gets lit, got a goal, it gets hit
diamond and gold necklace, the next rolexes
heavy flex, dice game, heavy bets
i need all of my money and not a penny less
i’m like the irishman, i ain’t scared of no viruses
look me in my irises, man, you know what time it is

you know what time it is
you know what time it is
the year was 1982, y’all
and here we are, thirty+eight years later, alive
in the quarantine
they got us isolated
everything contaminated
they try to feed us lies
they trap our souls, but they can never trap our minds
pay attention, y’all
[?] times
they say hip+hop music’s not the same, right? yeah
but during times like this, hip+hop is all we got
yeah, i go by the name of jfk, y’all