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1982 – you should go home lyrics


[chorus: m-sspike miles]
you should go home
cause you ain’t comin’ home with me tonight
you should go home
cause girl i’m in the streets tonight
you should go home
cause you ain’t comin’ home wit me tonight
you should go home
that’s the way its gonna be tonight

[1st verse: termanology]
the way its gonna be
is ima do me, and you could do you
enough with the boo hoos
i just wanna cruise, party wit my crew
and beefin’ wit you is something i ain’t tryna do
i just wanna vibe, chill and take a ride
but you wanna scream, and cry k!llin’ my eye
you should watch your tone, screamin’ on the phone
that ain’t how you keep a man, that’s where you wrong
i be on the plane, every other day
so you gotta feel me when im around the way
i be tryna lean, prolly with my team
but you want me in the lil pocket in ya jeans
i know i be over seas, and i be in your dreams
so when i’m around baby, all you want is me
come on mami leave the key in the mailbox
i’ll see you when i’m done with the smirnoff


[2nd verse: bun b]
man, god d-mn girl here we go again
you all up in my grill bout the time we don’t spend
you always asking where you goin’?, where you been?
when i don’t pick up the phone, i must be wit my girlfriend
you need to back up off a little bit and raise up
you tryna shorten my time and slow my days up
im tryna hang with the homeboys and blaze up
but all you wanna do it start drama, craze nut
that’s not the move, you need to take a chill pill
let me sit you down and tell you whats the real deal
just cause im settled down don’t mean i’m not still trill
i went out before you and after you i still will
not tryna be rude, just tryna be true
im from the south, i can’t help it, that’s how we do
they gave me runners, transparent girls see through
and i ain’t got time, so holla i’ll see you


[3rd verse: termanology]
you see me talkin’ to her, i ain’t necessarily getting it on
i could be talkin’ to her bout sierra leone
or maybe my cologne , or maybe al capone
there’s so many directions conversations can go
so why you on patrol, like i’m on parole
you just wanna know in your heart, you in control
i just wanna roll, pockets on swoll
hit the strip club wit mad money to blow
yeah i know its cold, but i live a code
money over b-tches, my squad before a ho
maybe you should go, cause you ain’t comin’ home wit me
i’m tryna do my thing, you should just let it be