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1dbd – empty, pt. 3 lyrics


looking back at all the things i ever did, going to school just tryna good kid, and focus on the things that were so candid, now i’ve found new hope i’m not left stranded, i didn’t plan this my life is now bandaged, it was fixed from the deep pits of my body and my heart that used to be damaged. now its over, my head is fully turned, and all my past i’ve already left and burned, the pain is gone its already shocked my nerves, and i’m in good health now i don’t need no nurse, i just need a verse to rap these lyrics, can you even feel it? can you even hear it? the sound of a little child screaming out your ear buds and sound of a heart beat, it makes it so endearin..
d-mn my life seemed like a wreck, can anybody tell me why this feeling is abusing to my music that ive written, its interestin the people that are hittin your phone up just to listen to the problems your haven are actually grabbin the information just to stabbem and their the ones that are laughin at the drama that’s happenin but when your friend does that sh– they’re not your friends yeah f— that b—-
yeah forget them, because they just aren’t your friends then, and finding out who truly is, is like havin a book man… (you open the book up and you just keep flippin pages, tryin to find out where your friends actually are)
look im over it, so listen to these lyrics im about to spit, it sucks being hurt but by the time you leave earth it will p-ss away like merth my body shoved in the dirt my heart no longer hurt in my life did i have worth? or was i a worthless soul? who didn’t have hope who was bound by ropes and think d-mn i don’t remember what i did, i was lost but now im found, im just lucky that i stayed my ground, was shot in the chest im a new man now, used to numb the pain takin in that loud, stuck in a cycle like a merry-go-round, im free from chains that i used to be bound, im finally breathin after once bein drowned, and im ready for my future livin in this new town
movin on, its been two years, i don’t care anymore so go ahead and shed some tears, i was stupid enough to be caught up in the rear, i should’ve kept moving on and stayed focused on my career. but its over its happened, can you tell i adapted? to the pain that shot me dead, i left my past in the casket, i locked it up for good, so i could never relapse it, would never want the memories of my heart being shot blasted
being blasted once a habit now a sad b—- im a savage who couldn’t have it so i tried to grab it livin lavish sucks like crab fish i just tried to dab it now im laughin at the haters who are actin childish and cr-ppin they just sad then now they watchin how i awed them they slowly fallin maybe they should call then i never wish i saw them, if i wasn’t stuck on you i could’ve balled then!
im sorry but sometimes i get p-ssed. it sucks how you give everything just to be treated like sh– wish i could in my head and rip out that old disk, its implanted in me well implant your face in my fist
i wrote these lyrics for the people that’s been through this, these words i wrote are so lucid, for the ones feeling like a nuisance, i promise youll see improvement, if you don’t stop yourself from movin, keep your head high and keep pushin, one day itll seem like an illusion.. look ive been through this and i know how bad it feels right now, but if you keep moving forward one day itll p-ss like clouds, the pain will be gone, and life will feel so profound, so keep moving forward until you reach the here and now