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1eracera – where’d he go? (where’s the blow freestyle) lyrics


[intro: dethiswiked]
ayy, yuhh, dethiswiked in the cut!
you already know what time it is man. yuhh. got dedbwoy in the cut, got lilbwoy in the cut. you already know what time it is man, let’s get it! ooh, ooh!

[verse 1: dethiswiked]
opps in my face, i’m a million dollar stain man, watch how i do my f-ckin rain dance. took her to the back then she hoggin up the pack like an alpha snortin crack off a old man. n-gga at the front door, watch me grab the blade and i swing at his scalp man, watch the scalp man, if i miss the scalp man, off with his hat man knock a n-gga out his f-ckin tan pants, mmm

[hook: dethiswiked]
go [x6]
where’s the blow?
go [x6]
where’d he go?
go [x6]
where’d he go?
go [x4]

[verse 2: dethiswiked]
eat on that bih like a 6 piece, ayy, might knick her lip just like spike lee, ayy, if you want problems then phone me ayy, son all you n-ggas, y’all jodie’s ayy, run on yo block, then i ream all yo plugs, unplug your system then give out free hugs, she made my d-ck crawl, n-gga just like a bug, she rub on my sack got it feeling like rugs

[verse 3: dedbwoy]
dedbwoy keep the dope in his sock, d-mn, i keep the glock by my c-ck, d-mn, brown bih be giving out top, ayy, she make my d-ck harder than rock, d-mn, rocking out opps with a pistol, ayy, my b-tches white like marshmallow, ooh, deth just might hit you with rockets ayy, i just might with hit you missiles, ooh

[verse 4: lilbwoy]
shooting out windows with techs, d-mn, hanging off sunroof like lex, d-mn, you might get shot in the neck, d-mn, we might just f-ck up a check, ooh, yo b-tch she sparkle like glitter, ooh, i just might step on her sister, ayy, that b-tch gone make me her mister, yuh, that b-tch gone make me her mister, yuhh!