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1famousjayy – underdog remix lyrics


2018 and all these b-tches burnt out
talk on my name ima lay you down
he say he gang but really he a clown
like spongebob im that n-gga town
got a drum that hold a hunnid rounds
im designer dripping i hope you drown
call up da gang, call da dog pound
slime that n-gga out his f-ckin sh-t
he talk to much he a f-ckin b-tch
he tweeting abt this beefin sh-t
ik he wasn’t living like this
pop him now he in a ditch
told him make his last wish
ran up on that n-gga shot him like a bucket like swish
ima call this no diss


got yo b-tch at my f-cking house
she all in my sheets like a f-ckin mouse
ya b-tch takin off her f-ckin blouse
my home is the trap house
chasin the cheese just like a mouse
choppa a rag and you will get doused
show me what you about
ima pull up at yo f-ckin house

im tryna run my bands up
talk sh-t idgaf
me and my bros we run it up
like my song we looted up
slime a n-gga now his mama is crying
these b-tches said they hit but they lying
with this rap sh-t i barely be trying
all this pressure i swear im applying

heartbreak kid yea i broke her heart
all i want is gucci and goyard
almost at the finish line but yo at the start
they call me heartbreak bc i got no heart
wipe yo nose if you really are slime
put ya glocks up if you committin them crimes
put ya pencil up if your writing them rhymes
get to the bag i swear its all mines