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1jaysavage – all out lyrics


[verse 1: jaysavage]
yea we going all out ayy
get the money ayy, ayy
yah mean what gotta say gotta get the money ayy, ayy
no sleep money get on instagram
get the phone up, up
no sleep ayy
ball out ayy, ball out ayy, ayy
get the water, shawty ball out in my face ayy
shoot in my face, i ain’t really care if you if you doing yea
if you cross me up, wanna ball if i make you miss ayy
ball out all the time ayy, yea, yea
dab money beach, money ayy, yea
ayy money flex

[verse 2: jaysavage]
yea don’t you be in my dm
i ain’t need your shit (what)
who the f-ck you talking bout (ayy)
get on my phone ayy, get on my phone ayy
get on them look ayy, get on the good ayy
get on the flocking, on what em the drop ayy
drop top
rain drop, rain drop, rain drop, rain drop
even know lil yachty got, got the sauce, got the sauce, sauce
wit the money crib ummm, wit the uh oh yea yea
wit the yea, yea b-tch nigga
wit the nigga f-ck you
i don’t give a f-ck who you talking bout yea nigga 7 me
who the f-ck you mean
i don’t know what you mean
yea nigga wit your f-ckin b-tch yea ayy