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1knaz – guerrilla lyrics


[ verse 1]: 1knaz

i hang with some k!llers
my n+gga guerrilla we slide on them n+ggas
turn into a thriller

n+gga want smoke roll him in a swisher
beam on the top
no i’m not beginner

dreams be how i turned into a k!ller
the more that i see
i swear it get realer

i sleep with a pistol
finger on the trigger
knock off ya top like i’m bob the builder

pants of the ass
designer on my waste
bad lil b+tch put paint on her face

playing with mine lil n+gga don’t get torched
run up on and they won’t find ya corpse
out in the field kuz banging a sport
jugging these n+ggas call that sh+t a chore
i run in ya house and give yo ass a tour
sparking it up where ever like the 4th

my man caught a body just read about it
he said it’s ok if i speak about it
gun hit your car knock the seats up out it

pump hit your truck knock the jeep up out it
run up on me we’ll see about it
he claim that he bang i really doubt it

that n+gga had froze kuz he surrounded
he ain’t make a move
sleep paralysis

i line yo ass up like a free throw
im up in the both with my migos
i heard you had switched on your migos

d+mn, that won’t be me tho
go hard in the paint call me drose
i turn a good b+tch to a freak hoe

i f+ck her then put the whole team on
just us the neighborhood heroes
[verse 2]: n3rdyboiid

mothers crying body’s dropping
homies dying
homis on top of homis
this sh+t a lobby
pass me a glizzy i’ll catch a body
babe ruth i’m the f+cking truth
talk ya sh+t , who the f+ck is you
split ya sh+t that’s cantaloupe
toss it back she a antelope
h+rns hard ima rhino
burning out issa h+llcat
shorty cream she a h+llcat
she got her a n+gga
where he at
where the addy issa body bag
write it down issa death note
got 5 i’m moving fast
roll a blunt just to feel the pain
pull up say joy lane
i do the dash like everyday
talk ya sh+t i’ll watch ya b+tch
making moves it’s a play action
start yapping do suming
be about it
get the clapping
shut the f+ck up if you not trapping