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1knaz – walk em down lyrics



i’m like a cat

and you is the mouse

kuz all n-gg-s do is run they mouth

u say you got guns

well i got a dragon

walk u down then

leave out in fashion

d-mn i love this

sh-t with a comp-ssion

you ain’t built for

this type of action

leave out of the back

pop up out the cut

give it to me and i’ll split

that sh-t up

bring back put it on a scale

i’m a real demon we gon go to h-ll

love no b-tch kuz all they do is gel

you lied to your n-gg-s just for a image

dont be mad if they look at you different

silent sleeper you want hear a peep

d.r.a.c would leave you in a peace

just to let you know

i’m playing for keeps

you talking tough all over the internet

when i told you n-gg-s i ain’t in to that

play with ur b-tch like musical chairs

changing clothes like

the time of the year

bright big rocks dance in my ear

got my girl loui v

she dont even wear

she buggin me b-tch get out my hair

a n-gg- just mad bc i’m f-cking his sister

and because this n-gg- was just with her

(laugh) d-mn i’m a lil jerk

ima hit you n-gg-s where it hurts

it hurts so bad you gon need a nurse

talking tuff u skkrrt off in a he-rs-

ketchup stains all over your shirt

stop the lying you ain’t do no dirt

stop the flexing you ain’t put in work

the life that you live it’s just a hoax

p-ssy n-gg- get down to the floor

you claimed that you checked me

you ain’t even text me

i fry yo -ss up like we at zaxby

you all about talk you ain’t do sh-t

come around town get yo -ss h-t b-tch