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1kobain – girls lyrics


(verse 1) i got this one little shawty, i met that chick at a party, i’m just tryna get big so i can get me a rarri, i’m hoppin up in the wrath, shawty givin me face, and when i take her out to dinner we go back to her place, you know i’m gettin it on, i’m rippin off that b—- thong, i put it all in her mouth, man this yo b—- favorite song, and now she goin in deep, she suck my d— i’m so clean, i bought that b—- a new jeep, and then i gave her my sneeks

(hook) cause i’m like run it back run it back
b—- where my money at money at
my shootas they totin straps totin straps
if u wanna f—— laugh you get smacked

(verse 2) i met a latina girl, i’m her whole f—— world, she bought me a car first so i’m like d-mn dis chill, but if she break my heart, then i’ll be out to k!ll, but i ain’t even that mean, i actually sensier, like if u got to know me u would prolly have no fears, n if u real then grab the tray so i can f—— steer, like yeah! aye b—-

(verse 3) i met a b—- from the bay, she told me come over today, i’m like that b—- givin face and she said d-mn okay, i’m like what’s good wit yo parents? she like they out for the weekend, so baby let’s get to freakin, n pop a pill like she tweakin, she going down “going down” aye, i need a crown “need a crown” aye, put it in her mouth “in her mouth” aye aye, she from the south, she a freak, she a flirt, she a sl-t, don’t get hurt, breaking hearts, bought a purse, wyd? i’m da worst

(hook) cause i’m like run it back run it back, b—- where my money at money at, my shootas they totin straps totin straps, if you wanna f—— laugh you get smacked, word!