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1kp – scoring lyrics


oh my god is that 1kp?

[verse 1: naz]
run up the shots i be riding the foreign
call out a n-gg- you know i be scoring
giving you love i can’t give you no trust
that lil b-tch was throwing it back
that’s how she live, she found love in the trap
losing a n-gg- that’s what she fear
i treat my b-tches like souvenirs
got all my b-tches diamond rings
got all my b-tches exciting things

[verse 2: cozy dload]
yeah y’all n-gg- out of time
y’all been snoozing (y’all been snoring)
just like pipen on the scene y’all ain’t scoring (y’all ain’t scoring)
exclusive clothing flexing on these n-gg-s boring (too easy)
i might go spent a check up on a foreign (skrt skrt skrt)
hop out the whip with my b-tch you know she foreign (okay)
i spent that check i get her wet just like an on switch (okay)
sorry if that’s your daughter i didn’t mean sh-t

[verse 3: naz]
knew that a n-gg- didn’t mean that sh-t
need me a thick b-tch to ride my d-ck
get out my face if you ain’t with the sh-ts
smoking a blunt it’s gorilla glue
give me some face and my n-gg-s too

[verse 4: cozy dload]
little baby give that good yeah a n-gg- bust quick
all my n-gg-s with the sh-t
smoking on that gas remembering the past
i tell shawty bounce that -ss, she bounce that -ss
yeah and i’m getting to the bag
me and my n-gg-s getting to the bag

[outro: naz]
my n-gg-s getting to the bag now
lame n-gg-s still asking for the handouts
yeah i’m getting to the bag now