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1kraven – numb lyrics



all up in my lungs
yeah, i’m booted up
i just wanna f-ck
xan gon’ make her f-ck
she gon’ make me love
she don’t want no love
get up out the mud
god gon’ stay above

bless me from the cut
choppa eat him up
yeah, i’ve had enough
baby leave me numb


she left me numb
she left me numb
i’m drowning myself with the smoke in my lungs

i’m driving too fast and i might crash for fun cause i’m off of these percs and im lit like a gun

window down, driving by
i live so slow
i’m in the back, cause i rock solo dolo
i don’t got no heater, it ain’t in my pocket
but f-ck with me once and i’ll leave you heartbroken
you b-tch!