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1krose – now (prod.3li) lyrics


look at all diamonds on my wrist now that b-tch just worried about my bustdown idc if she wanna f-ck now that b-tch on the side she not in my mind now

that b-tch wasted my time i don’t get it cuz i tried that b-tch was on my mind that b-tch waiting for me to blow that b-tch think when i blow she can comeback but i don’t do comebacks

all this money and this fame on my mind now i think it’s my time now all the lights i gotta shine out people tell me my music gonna out but i’ve been swimming with and i could drown i think i finally found my sound i hate when y’all clown i do this sh-t for the town

i hate when y’all toxic i hate when u say i can’t make sh-t i hate when u say i can’t make hit y’all mad cuz i’m a misfit y’all really be tripping what did ur friends make u start sipping

ik u not like this so why u act like this remember when we had visions ig we broke the bored i thought u were score more like number one wh-r- i shot from 3 but i thought u were 4 me now u want dior u think i take u to the store idc anymore

my time is limited i always thought it was unlimited all this hoes wanna hit and win and idc