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1lung1leg – parking lot lyrics


[verse 1]
apology carved your leg
pills, down (up) your throat, on the floor astray
you are my friend
(please come here again)

you were an ear i could talk to when i didn’t trust anyone with how i felt down inside myself

[verse 2]
pathology rattled your brain
rumors escape your t–th (why did [how could] you say those things)
you were my friend
(you f-cked up again)

you were a shoulder to cry on when my family had problems and i didn’t know to express myself

[verse 3]
why did you lie
was it your sister
was it cause we were happy together
and you were alone and you missed her

(you were my friend
and just like that it all came to an end)

and i want to, but i don’t hate you
i hate that i miss you is buried in my mind
i hate to think of the friendship we had is broken and bitter and left inside