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1ly – on the block (prod. smoove) lyrics


i remember all my days before the booth
kick+back season and we smoking kung+fu
hop into the discord and we join into the room
yeah, making beats and smoking dope we didn’t have a clue
d+mn it started off with me, and john, and wokey
found some summer love that i made into a trophy
made a pact in blood that you won’t ever forget me
six months later and i’m still feeling empty

yeah it’s ok though ’cause i want a bentley
the game is like a race i’m just glad they couldn’t catch me
forgot to say the wraith just in case they wanna track me
so i feel safe when i pull up to the track meet

i was working all day on my crafting
mixing my own sh+t while peers were taking addies
everything is changed but my peers are still slacking
but i wanna say that my sk!lls are never lacking

r.i.p to juice was about to the be the rap king
started as the kid but he took the wrld by trappin
man i feel like you cause you came up from the back scene
now i gotta act like this sh+t do not affect me

wish that i could go back sh+t is not fun
cause i’m living in my past and i’m still on the run
crazy how these rappers can’t get past 21
cause we high tryna fly but we feelin’ josh dun

now i gotta make it and i swear that’s the truth
gotta make for my fam, make it for my baby blue
can’t go poppin any xans can’t go doing any shoot
god i hope that i don’t end while i’m still in my youth

d+mn it imma see it till the end cause i’m next
please don’t be affended if i’m not checking my texts
i don’t want the exes i just wanna see the checks
then i post up at the function with that new apex