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1m1ke – petty (truffle butter freestyle) lyrics


[verse 1]

not sucking mine, blowing shit over nothing
always whining, drinking, don’t smoke just budding
don’t know why you be drawlin
it’s tiring like i won’t be yawning
(check it)
hills to mountains, pounds from ounces
think i’m thirsty, like don’t i see a fountain
-ssume all you want, make a -ss out of you and me
girl i’m so official like i’m a striped referee
crazy, how you don’t see splat? oh i’m the problem
like in math, just subtract cuz that’s
the only way it can be solved
think i”m like a pokemon that won’t evolve
oh! i’m not social, got my networks
on the mobile looking for an inch like measures
are you done hun? did you find some girl saying
she wanna chew me like a d-mn gum? (nun)
ain’t got nothing on me, like toni romiti
if you don’t sea now, ain’t nothing fishy/
just in case, set a vet ready
since you wanna bark, bite. just straight
being petty