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1mclarividencia – do not open lyrics


twan & 1mclarividencia
i don’t f-ck with bad b-tches
i don’t really need those
i like cl-ssy b-tches, that’ll keep it og doe
i’mma come in strong so you really feel my heat though
and if we smokin’ woods then, up better be them windows
verse 1
i’m the type of n-gga keep it rollin’ when i speed
ought to need a pause b-tton cause’ i really never freeze
got yo’ b-tch on the ground giving head on her knees
slap a p-ssy n-gga if ever thinking’ he og
got to sip nyquil you n-ggas make me want to sleep
and my name’s f-cking twan, i come through and i think and i think
that you n-ggas should’ve gave up, ya’ll a bunch of f-cking p-ssies trying to act tough, i’mma keep a mac for you n-ggas who be tryna’ act up, get ya facts up, got a lack of that truth, and that’s really what’s k!lling me, i’mma collect like bees on a honey g, uh, i came to detower any n-gga who thinks they can stand over me, uh
and dillon and tony you know i’m no phony, i’m loyal squad
i just keep on flowing because i’m so holy, jesus, joseph, and mary, i stay on my dairy, i feel like i’m fly peter pan and his fairies, i might just be scary so n-ggas can fear me, i hope i blow up so that people can hear me, illusions it might be these drugs got me blurry, uh
shooting my shot at her just like curry, my heart is kind of pounding, i’m getting a little worried
verse 2