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1mclarividencia – what a beautiful sight to see, lyrics


“what a beautiful sight to see, that you’re alive n-gg-.”
“you haven’t died n-gg-!”
verse 1
what do you know about a struggle
nonsense mixed with deposition
rocks between the rubble, high cliff
and i’m lifted, i’m not addicted to the marijuana
tommy chong don’t do it better than cheech marin
put in you the box like henry, now you’re box carving
tally-marks to count the days
i think we need to find a way
a bigger way, to drink liquor
pour an 8th in to our pitcher, then we sip it till the 9th
like yom kippur, i gave a girl 2 inches of this d-ck
it didn’t fit, i think i need a pipefitter
but my ego way to high, my d-ck is only 3 inches
“nah, nah, i’m off that.”
verse 2
for you women throwing -ss, all these n-gg-s see the picture
of a broken bad b-tch, but she doesn’t want to fix it
every bit, and every piece of your heart, my centerpiece
on my table, i release, all of the anger on this beat
i’m the wolf on wall street, and you n-gg-s think it’s sweet
to overheat a young n-gg-, then i’m at your house like trick or treat
catch me? that’s incomplete
banging bodies in the streets
f-ck 12 , f-ck police
i’m screaming f-ck the industry
but in a sense, i’m in the street
verse 3
but that’s true me
crucially, traumatize my life
i can’t help it
you told me that i’m selfish
you said that i keep to myself when i’m helpless
i’m crying out for help but you left me so breathless
yo’ n-gg- dealt with
i can go dumb dumb dumb on this track, b-tch
i’m gon’ make you run run run with my sh-lls b-tch
i got 2 lambos on my motherf-ckin’ wish list
gave your girl some kisses
on her p-ssy lipstick
call me clari vi if you n-gg-s can’t pr-nounce it
love, s-x, dreams, till these b-tches down for acid
and it seems, like these b-tches can’t arouse me
but they are around me