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1mclarividencia x miles roberts – set me up lyrics


miles roberts
“aye bro, this beat finna’ go hard!”
“bet, bet, let these f-ck n-gg-s know!”
i’m gon’ f-ck the p-ssy up
run from a b-tch tryn’ set me up
turn on me got war on me
my face look like the warrant, see
verse 1
body bag a b-tch tryn’ take my seed
look at your boy, don’t front, don’t speak
imma’ leave a n-gg- hangin’ from the tree
outside your backyard, pop up like missed call
from your mistress, she done make my d-ck large
big ole’ t-tties, fat -ss too
i’m gon’ beat the kitty so black and blue
no domestic sh-t, shooters on the roof
like, dead end, dead end
k!ll a lil’ n-gg- sing a reggae jam
“what’s in his pants?”
my glock no b-n-r
i won’t hit a b-tch unless it’s over
my whip
my clique
my set
my jet
sike nah, not yet
back to the project
i’m some artist, clari vi
he just shot me, blood is leaking
homi party
cide acidic
k!ll me once, k!ller lipstick
kiss me twice, i won’t live but
verse 2
i am so cold i’m like froze
she need the water like roses
synthetic b-tch you pose
mannequin fake you plastic
if she suck my d-ck, then your b-tch suck my d-ck
lil’ n-gg- i mean it’s practice
ya’ll wouldn’t have lasted
i finish first you last place
chew her like bubble, the pink
the bubble gum, the mink
it’s saint laurent
my pockets on m-ssive
yo’ pockets is weak not strong
i came in so hot
like fire, i’m flyer
than half of these industry n-gg-s
who’s flying they’ kites
higher and higher
until they drop
death is near
pray i walk
i won’t stop, f-ck round’ get dropped