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1one3ree – honey fusion lyrics


[verse 1]
1one3ree cashin’ out
i just spent a quick fifty (what?)
and i got the best views in the motherf-ckin’ city (yuh, aye, yuh, aye)
all these b-tches hit my line ’cause they know that i’m the sh-t
it’s gon’ cost a pretty-penny if you wanna take a pic (huh?)
light skin, long hair, make her scream like ric flair
shawty wanna cuff me, but just stay up over there (no)
she don’t f-ck with you because your music is a joke (what?)
i hit that b-tch once, and i leave that hoe a stroke (okay)
said 13, i’m the man, i can’t take no d-mn loss
my diamonds is on froze, b-tch i feel like rick ross (huh?)
i’m havin’ fun with rappin’ why they hatin? i’m the kid
is it cause i’m gettin’ money? i just get it how i live
i run up them digits, i never go broke (no)
bad b-tch, so i give her the stroke
why they be talkin’ like they want some smoke?
these rappers they lame’ their music a hoax
i’m blowin’ up fast, they think i’m mercedes
collect all my weed and spend at the top
she want me to wife, i think she mistaken
13s, i’ma blow up, don’t care what you thinkin’