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1oneam – starworldwide lyrics


yeah i count bands i count lots, yeah
banknotes yeah i got a lot
no b#tch yeah i want top
stick on my hip no op
what’s on my wrist that’s a clock
he see me yeah that’s a lot
n#gga right there it’s an op
counting bands n#gga don’t stop

they say one why are you rich
n#gga don’t fight got sticks
pull up on a n#gga with the bl!ck
i keep a k on my hip
walk in barney’s i cop sh#t
say h#llo to my b#tch
me a yo b#tch getting lit

she f#ck with me that’s a must
stank n#gga smell like must
counting bands n#gga that’s a must

got yo b#tch on the low
these n#ggas stealing my flow
private jet high as a crow