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1sb – remember lyrics


[intro: sthandiwe]
ow wuh u uh yeah, oow yeah yeh
[hook: sthandiwe]
don’t you remember
the days we had together
baby don’t you remember
the first day we met
[verse: 1sb]
you left my heart
with a broken pieces
still have a sp-ce
and this is it
sp-ce in my heart
and it is for you
i still figureout
“what you left me for?”

when i’m thinkin’
of you tears falls
i’m still wondering
“do you think of me?”
babe you know that
i love you with all of my heart
livin’ this life its gonna be hard
i wanna be with you
everytime ,everyday

you all i ever wanned
please understand
‘didn’t push you away
i don’t wanna see a sp-ce
but all i want is that
let us be the same
as we used to be
be the same we used to be
[back to hook]
[outro: sthandiwe]
when i’m thinkin’ of loosing you baby, i just feel these tears on my eyes, i would feel lonely….

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