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1st – a boo lyrics


feat. kj

ahhhha ahahaha
n-gg- we say boooooo
get off the stage

[jclay – verse 1]
here ye, gather round
whoever out there, listen
n-gg-s is wack
they need an intervention
i’m just here to mention
and draw a little attention
to the fact and how we fight back fore it leads to our descent-ion

n-gg- we say boooooo
u talkin all that bull
u don’t got no pull
so we just say boooo
u just spit that wackness
and u gets no access
u shouldve been an actress
that’s why we say booo

[jclay – verse 2]
i say boooo wit my boo
while we move though this crowd
it this what it takes to make it when u fakin, this is wow
i am speechless
teachers, listen to these features
that’s feedin to these kids, and it aint no repeaters
we gotta do a betta job
don’t complain bout betta jobs
of course they don’t gotta get a job
they spit wack wack, we say aaahhh
some failed students become teachers
now they cheatin all these stu-dents
smart aint that hard
but n-gg-s stuck on stupid
maybe it’s just me, i could be over reactin
they aint got no gifts, yet everybody’s rappin
i’m talkin to myself man, yall don’t even hear me
i feel i’m gettin punk’d, and i aint even demi


[kj – verse 2]
n-gg- i say boooooo
dallas is a foool aint no rap n-gg-s at my level i say booo rappin bout another n-gg-s life aint cool i’m da cream crop yess n dey say oooohhh bottom of the barrel c-ck it aim it loaded shooot b-tches give dat sloppy toppy yesss it is a fool i must be at the top cuz now pannies is droppin an my phone use have dry days now poppin brauds call me boooo cuz i am so cool nuggga i’m the truth
if you snoze you lose please don’t spit no whack sh-t i’ll rap attack sh-t me an jclay pinkslippinh on this track n-gg- we say boooooo

[supreme – verse 3]
ok you putting on a show huh
and now you on a roll huh
about to win the gold huh
and everybody know huh
boo n-gg-
you cold you not cool n-gg-
i’m sandman at apollo
about to make you make yo move n-gg-
take you kids back to school n-gg-
pay attention follow rules n-gg-
you ain’t talking about jack
you as deep as the shallow end of the pool n-gg-
now you look like a fool n-gg-
talking bout packing tool n-gg-
and walking around with a gucci bag ain’t gone make you smooth n-gg-
so pay attention take a listen
it’s no need to pay tuition
when i’m saying what i’m saying
making sense creating the vision
just sit and contemplate and you can witness from a distance
that when i get a boo
i’m getting kisses not some disses
n-gg- boo.

n-gg- we say booo