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1st – guys night out lyrics



now i don’t know about yall, but we came here to party
you can tell by the look on our face, that we gone act r-t-rded
now i don’t know about you, but i came here to party
ima take a sip of my drink, move my feet, and get it on til she on me

[jclay – verse 1]
it’s always about a woman huh
that’s got us whistling skipping, trippin, and hummin huh
trippin, cuz we don’t know where she comin from
whistling, cuz we know where she comin from
get it?
but tonight ain’t about that
it’s time to act a fool, ef a fool bein laid back
naw i ain’t sayin that u take in a stray cat
writing wills of fortune if they daddy die, say jack
don’t fade it
i won’t get too intoxicated
to let us do regretful stuff
leave evidence related
now where the ladies at
that got a face full of grins, that’s how babies act
that got a pockets full of ribs, you know that baby back
that got a shirt full of kids, you know that baby snack
the enigma of n-gg-s is strange
we happy with our dime, we just like the extra change


[supreme – verse 2]
i’m so intoxicated
i must say i’m a fan of how this bar is operated
girl get in your birthday suit i know i’m so belated
but the way i’m feeling i must say that clothes are overrated
thank you dj for playing my jam
thanks to all the haters wanting to hate who i am
thank you to the waitress girl you rocking them pants
but before i get going where’s my vodka and cran
berry every nights the same
like hey lil mama what’s ya name
oh that was you last night with jane
d-mn i did good so i can’t complain
and i’m on to the next one
cause you know that we live when we off in vip
if you wanna chill with my crew
then you know what to do
and you know that my crew aint leavin