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1take – p.diddy lyrics


running round the city
tryna dodge the f-ckin piggy
i think that one of the homies is a mickey mouse no walt disney
i got a hundred dollar bill for every letter in mississippi
you want two packs that’s no biggie
bad boy feeling like p.diddy (x2)

[verse 1]
if u the police then u can not be my amigo
man i’m flexin like i spend more time at the gym than a guido
just got the yeezy 500’s might get raf simon ozweegos
n i’m smoking a backwood stuffed like a chipotle burrito

he came to me to get a pack at a better rate
then i rerock it with shake
trustin 1take a mistake

death i’m not afraid
chasing money to the grave
if it’s about my money we can get it on like marvin g-ye


[verse 2]
b-tch i’m so fly like bird
dummy u wifin a bird
told a b-tch don’t touch my shirt
this shirt cost more than ur worth
ur worth cost less than some dirt
u can catch me wit my n-ggas or wit my white boys in the burbs

and i guess i’m tryna k!ll me pouring lean up in my kidney
but it’s rip to fredo n real n-ggas feel me
1take marry poplins b-tch i’m smoking like a chimney
sal a joint face a wood and then take a fat lop out the illy