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1takejay – arco 2 lyrics


wait hol’ up
im finna turn this b-tch up

1takejay, why all these n-ggas wanna be him
she jumped out of yours, just to jump in my dm
1takejay why all these b-tches wanna freak him
cuz you broke, i’m gettin to the chicken like seasonin’
break up? with who? b-tch i planned on leavin’
it looked like i loved you, well looks are deceiving
ion rap cuz it’s more like preaching
baby stupid ain’t free so it’s still bop free him
jumped out the benz just to jump in your b-tch dm
you wife thots, n-gga i get head then delete em
she askin why i’m always late night creepin
take yo shirt off, b-tch i’m too geeked for no reason
i’m giving curfews, you know they call me daddy
i run sh-t, b-tch i wear the drawers and the panties
too blessed to be stressed, b-tch you look like my granny
no disrespect i heard im in yo whole team…
you the type to try it on but you ain’t finna purchase it
i’m the type to spend 1500 just for workin it
you the type to get caught cheatin on some nervous sh-t
i’m the type if she ain’t talkin money then i’m curvin’ it
n-gga but i still ride solo, i’m convinced n-ggas ain’t lookin for me no mo
my name in yo mouth like a d-ck, n-ggas h0m-
shout out the plug, make a n-gga lean like a cholo
wait hol’ up
i’m a situation that you can’t handle
n-gga think he lit, we’ll imma blow a n-gga candle
we are not the same, this a whole different channel
since you actin’ like a b-tch, stick yo feet in her sandals
wait hol’ up
how you gon’ doubt a n-gga with the blueprint?
disrespect me you gon’ be staring at my shoeprint
they tried to put a n-gga out, cuz i’m too lit
i could rob a n-gga, but i’m sticking to the music
n-gga hate me cuz his b-tch love me, i knew it
30 bands no i’m not a crip but i blew it
if i’m broke yo brain must be dead, is you stupid?
don’t watch me, better watch yo b-tch cuz she choosin
if tryna be me was a crime, then i’m suing
how you talkin sh-t but doin everything i’m doin?
i ain’t trippin, like ac i be coolin
in an interview, you said drake, but i’m the big influence
pay attention, my b-tches come in threes, like triplets
get that b-tch a shovel if she say she not digging it
d too big, ain’t no way she not feelin it
but if i bust like a dirty pistol, get rid of it
n-gga i’m the sh-t like i poo’d it
no s-x, i’m just tryna get the top cuz i’m ruthless
she told me i’m the bomb, got me feelin’ like the cutest
it was only right, so i doubled back and i blew it
like a car without the wheels, n-ggas useless
you politicin’ on me but you still play my music
even though i took the w, im finna lose it
i’m so sick of n-ggas, i think imma start pukin’
major pain, but n-ggas ain’t troopin’
you only bust nuts, n-gga you ain’t into shootin
she gave me brain, so i nicknamed her foolish
her t–th clean, but i’m in her mouth like a toothpick
it’s crazy, cuz n-ggas change like the weather
we opposite, n-gga we can’t do sh-t together
if my pockets weighed a ton, yours lights as a feather
i’m lactose, but i’m the one gettin to the cheddar
anything he can do, i can do better
you f-ck good, but she suck my d-ck way better
she wanna do it, i think i’m finna let her
pop a pill, then i’m geekin on a b-tch like i’m dexter

you might wanna turn around sir, this pumps all outta gas