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1vezzy – added extra(bonus track) lyrics


i’ve never met one person who could tell
me what to do, i heard she claims me, but she doesn’t claim you, she saw my money, and complained that money changed you, i don’t have a problem listening to how much she hates you, but that’s not a usual thing, that’s not a usual chat, this is a usual fling, i usually take em back, well at least uber, she tagged me in a post of my net worth and said it was fewer, i laughed, you’d understand if you knew her, she barely says my name right, but she’s always my first viewer, my ex or this new girl, i think this new girls cuter, but i wouldn’t be the type to pursue her, there’s always added extra, like how she always says she’s slept on, and how she always needs a lecture, she only sends emojis, but gets mad when i don’t text her, she’s always with her homies, and wonders why i left her

extra added

she’s too impatient to be waiting for an answer, or even approval, the sh-t is crucial, it’s like a compet-tion of who can be more communal, we got different movements, but the same maneuvers, we don’t pay rent, but we pay the movers, there’s so many intruders, i try to stay away from rumors, because the room will close in, is there an empty vase i can a put this rose in, ive been starving for more, hopefully i don’t grow thin, the reactions explosive, imagine i exploded, i did it and so did she, she been complaining too much and it’s blowing me, always talking about more than she should, always taking in more than she could, and if she wanted it all she could have it