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1vezzy – caution warning lyrics


b-tch i’m back and i’m better, it feels like these day i use no effort, i just want you to know the sky is the limit and never say never, i feel like the people look at me like i got no pressure, however, i feel like i can’t breathe, i ain’t used to never rap, i used to never sing, these days n-body believes, n-body but me, i am my own win and my own defeat, the closer i walk to you, the more i go beneath, i flex when it feel right, but it ain’t 90 degrees, nah nah

i don’t say thank you, i say next, why is everything so different in the text, i’m welcoming you home, you can be my guest, sometimes i don’t know so i say i guess, i don’t want to say leave me alone, but i don’t want to be in this mess, they take me as disrespectful, i put my mind on drive, and get ready for the road of successful, i don’t want to drive through no hills, but i know it can’t get gentle, got to go through the b-mps and the turns, i can’t even b-mp my music to get rid of my concerns, you see me handsome, but you don’t see me cover up my burns, i’m doing everything and anything that help me earn, they don’t acknowledge when they leave, they acknowledge when they return

i called you once, i called you twice, i got real feelings f-ck that device, yeah i heart you, but i can’t give you no likes, i got to find my way to shine, and the only way is to get out the light, just like boogie, i’m sold on you, you not naming the price, n-body warned me, when blowing them pipes, i was wearing converse with holes in them, i said f-ck them spikes, i wasn’t wearing condoms when i came at night, my secrets ain’t secrets they more like surprise, and i know that you know, you ignite my supreme, i know i’m calm but i like to take it to the extreme, i seen it all and i know it ain’t what it seem, i slept in her bed while she let me dream, i woke up to colder things, now i’m on bigger things, i’ll sit here and listen to whatever you think

i want to celebrate to some champagne, for letting loose all my d-mn pain, i feel like all this time i was on a rampage, i had nowhere to put all my d-mn rage, except for my heart but i called it this d-mn place, i was so close to never being embarr-ssed, it’s all due to you my dearest, she acted like i wasn’t different, but i know i’m the rarest, to be fair she probably don’t know what rare is, but in my defense, all i wanted was a picket white fence, i had no feelings so i took no offense, nevertheless my name is what i represent, they can’t give you no dollar when you all out of cents, them the ones who don’t really be your friends, they’ll come for you, then they’ll come for you again, i am a target i was never the threat, nah nah

i can’t be right, but i can’t be wrong, and yeah i’m the type to diss all of my exes in all of my songs, and, whoever had the intentions of doing me wrong, everything’s for sale, it feel like i don’t belong, i am just there, it feels like i’m a tag along, i remember playing ball, we engraved our name with some chalk, that’s why they say my name every step of the way, i work all day, i don’t sleep at night, this sh-t is not a game, this is real life, take it serious, the answer is always he might, cause he move so mysterious, i’m just warning my peers cause i do it easily, the game is ease for me, take caution