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1vezzy – distractions lyrics


distracted by the gold attractions, i’m trapping my package from my wondering mind, 4,000 miles walked on ocean tides, close your mind so you can open your eyes, gotta let it all go if your down for the ride, until you see it you gone be quiet, apart of that ride comes dying, giving 88 percent cause they not trying, you are a distraction, just a sign to look at, or a target to throw my book at, you are a distraction, i imagine our best moments we didn’t have, chocolate roads i have a bitten path, say let’s hit milky way, my heart for your love it’s a tricky trade, smooth sailing silky days, just a snap, peeling a way to peel the pavement, enragement in my palm, contagious movements only when i’m calm, lock to lock the key to the universe, everything is pain unihurt, tune it up i’m distracted, tackling problems, i’ve softened, i’m sacking myself, me and me has the trophy, i’m holding it up for n0body to see, everyone’s me n0body but me, out for dust, heart open green pops puppy love, suffocate my duplicate his name is mind, games,candy, running in loops with a train, rain, fame is not a ticket away, uncommon indirect undecided just something to side with, loud soul no mind don’t stay quiet, what’s a human to giant, just distracted by height, too much sun in your eyes, it’s making you think it’s uncommon, dropping a million pins, split decisions, split by wins and judges on a mission, there’s never a better a way of living, until you get down, a little money your souls not rich now, just cause you got it, doesn’t mean it’s always carried in your pocket, scared fearing for your life, walk with that in the night, my friend, your distracted, by actions and things that won’t matter when death plays, night night i’ll never see you in the day, vessels and veins are real, but money is fake, and your mind is on it 24/7, love and hate there a thinner line between h-ll and heaven, laugh smile enjoyment, crash pile for employment, coiling and crumbling under pressure, give me a second i’ve set her down, lowest floor i’ve sent her up, up and down, twisting your inner fore ash hits the ground, turns to ghost that you stare at like a tv, positioned shoes kid to his role model i wish i was you i wish you could be me, distractions distracted by a distracting distraction, attachment unhooked, they’ll never learn until they read the guiding book, the book of all, a distracted life